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Gee! Haw! How To Be A Dog Musher and other Northern Adventures! Learn about Yellowknife dog mushing history, dog care and training, what to do if you get in a pinch skills, and kicksledding with our dogs. Call for more information 867-446-8687

Learn the legends and science of the aurora, essential camera settings, composing and light painting, including overviews of time lapse and processing your images. A one-page hand-out will be provided detailing the technical aspects of basic camera settings.

Much like bikejoring, the dogs are in tow, run and pull in front of the skier! Another true northern adventure with northern dogs. Contact us for details.

A fast-growing activity where dog lovers and die-hard cyclists merge. This exhilarating activity lets the dogs, that are attached to a tow, run and pull in front of the cyclists. A great way to have a unique and shared adventure with the dogs! Contact us for details.

Meet at our Old Town log Trading Post (4 Lessard Drive) to get geared up with snowshoes then venture onto Great Slave Lake to a nearby destination. We have trails that lead to Yellowknife’s Ice Caves, a nearby island and onto Great Slave Lake. Our tours are 1.5 hours in length. Contact us to customize a group tour (4 or more people). Book a Kicksled Tour with us and receive 20% off your Snowshoe Tour! Book Now

Operate your own kicksled while being pulled by a husky on Yellowknife’s beautiful Great Slave Lake. Tours are available at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and include pre-tour orientation, a 45-minute adventure, and a visit to Yellowknife’s Ice Caves. Tours finish with a hot drink at our Old Town log cabin. Book Now